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Have you ever wished there was a community exclusively for Agents?

You've found it!

$25 per month or $250 annually

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A Private Online Community for Advisors

The Technology Advisor Alliance was created to:

  • Provide a safe space (free of vendors or providers) where advisors can connect, build relationships, and collaborate on our own terms.

  • Bond over common struggles. 

  • Share experiences and best practices.

  • Share critical information that directly impacts our businesses and clients.

  • Help each other succced.

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“I am seeing a ton of value being part of the Technology Advisor Alliance. Since joining, I've witnessed firsthand the awesome collaboration and perspective that comes from getting together the agents in our space. The collective expertise and forward-thinking vision of its members not only accelerates the learning curve but also fosters an environment where continuous learning and mutual growth thrive. It was a solid investment for me and our organization as a whole. I strongly recommend any current agent or IT company join the alliance.”

-Brice Ulrey, Managing Partner, Opkalla

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