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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to join the Technology Advisor Alliance?

Anyone who's an active Advisor/Agent/MSP selling in the channel. If you are a vendor or carrier that serves the channel, we love ya but sorry this community is not for you. If you work under a TSD brand as an active selling agent, come on in. If you are employed by a TSD in any other capacity, again we're sorry but this is not the community for you.​ If you have any questions please reach out to us!

Are you going to sell or share my contact information?

HELL NO! NEVER. One of the founding principals of the Technology Advisor Alliance is to provide a protected space to network with our peers without the inevitable flood of cold calls and prospecting that follows every industry event. Your info is safe with us!

Why do you charge a fee?

The Technology Advisor Alliance is by the Advisors for the Advisors. We are a vendor/TSD agnostic community of peers. Your membership fee  provides the operating income for the Alliance. 

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